A Struggle Called Childhood

When uncertainty is our only friend, the journey of life becomes simpler. There is a certain pride in living “for” oneself, in living “with” oneself!
It is a strange fight – the lonely fight to celebrate childhood. It is a fight for survival for Bhola, Mansoor, Krishna, Abhijit, Raihan, Zubeen, Tara, Ramu, Juhi and the others – all they want is to live their lives, their own way, with their own rules. They are lost or abandoned poor kids and mostly child workers now. From morning to noon, noon to evening, evening to night their lives follow a rhythm. They are not sad about what they do not have, but they fight to live with whatever little they have. They do not receive the warmth of the love of their near and dear ones, but they try to bask in the love of the strangers whom they love and make their own.
It is said that anything that is beautiful is usually short lived. Even one’s childhood, the most colourful and precious years of a child’s life spans for a few years only. Yet the world has taken everything away from these little children. But around the world, these little ones keep on fighting, every moment. They have no such expectations from life, so they don’t have to look back, they just embark and move on, on a journey “with” themselves. After all who is more dear to us, than our own selves?